voyage of the swans

An award winning wedding cake in Salon Culinaire Hotelympia 2010, United Kingdom


a cake designer, sugar artist and sugar craft instructor based in Malaysia. i run workshops overseas ie: Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Melbourne, The Netherlands, Barcelona and London.

11 March 2010

voyage of the swans

my very own ' Anti tradition ' wedding cake, ''voyage of the swans''. this time I have put my crazy intricate skill into extreme in turning a cake into a wedding boat, signifying the voyage of marriage. pearl white, again is used in this wedding theme to give the pure and elegant mood. thousand of tiny blossoms again are made! and hundred of lovely ornaments are used to create this majestic, high end and elegant boat !

flight of the butterflies

i like to create a wedding cake that doesn't look like a cake, therefore I have came out with this creation that is totally against the traditional tiered cake, named '' Flight of The Butterflies ''. the idea of this cake was inspired by a 18th century antique Chelsea Vase. then, after installing my own design elements with various exotic colors used, my very own version of vase is born!


phoenix, a sugar display exhibit that has won me a Certificate of Merit in Salon Culinaire Hotelympia 2010.

autumn fairy wedding cake

a 3 tiered autumn theme wedding cake that has won me a Bronze Award in Cake International 2009. cake was hand painted with edible colors. tiara, leaves and fairies were all crafted with sugar.

blossom castle

dragon and castle

this is another exhibit that has won me a Silver Award in Novelty Cake category in Salon Culinaire Hospitality 2009. a 3 tiered novelty cake, i named it ' Dragon and castle '. dropping bricks, broken walls, and powerful dragon tail, showcasing the moment a dragon landed on a castle...

swan castle

a 5 tiered pearl white wedding cake which has won me a Silver Award in Wedding Cake category in Salon Culinaire Hospitality 2009. i named it ' Swan Castle '. i like doing intricate and tiny things, therefore many friends of mine commented that i'm kind of a complicated person, which i don't dispute much with them.

castle close up view

lyphine's award winning wedding cake in Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2009

a very unique and elegant award winning wedding cake by my girl friend Lyphine in the Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2009