voyage of the swans

An award winning wedding cake in Salon Culinaire Hotelympia 2010, United Kingdom


a cake designer, sugar artist and sugar craft instructor based in Malaysia. i run workshops overseas ie: Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Melbourne, The Netherlands, Barcelona and London.

23 July 2012


stained glass effect by edible colours and Royal Icing.


  1. You are an Inspiration to me & I am sure to others too & one of Malaysia Most talented person!!! I am sure your parents & siblings are Very, very proud of you & your achievements in your chosen field. Wish I could "afford" to learn from you!!! God bless. Ophelia

  2. hi Ophelia, thanks for the kind words. im not the best, i was just lucky to be discovered among the crowd. there are many other hidden talents out there :))

    1. You have so much talent in your little finger than most ppl have in their whole hands & I am so glad that I would be able to learn from you this coming Thursday in fact can hardly sleep till then :) Keep up the good work & b4 long, YOU would be the Best & the cream of the crop. Wish you All the Best of Luck & Success. God bless.

  3. perfekcyjne,delikatne,gustowne,estetyczne torty
    "koronkowa praca"cieszą oko:)

  4. when are u going make classes in Malaysia..
    n how much is it....
    you are very talented...i am proud to Malaysian.