voyage of the swans

An award winning wedding cake in Salon Culinaire Hotelympia 2010, United Kingdom


a cake designer, sugar artist and sugar craft instructor based in Malaysia. i run workshops overseas ie: Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Melbourne, The Netherlands, Barcelona and London.

16 January 2012

black swan

all decorations including the gazebo are piped with Royal Icing.
credit to Naomi Yamamoto


  1. Omedetou gozaimasu!!amazing work!!!

  2. Hi,this is amazing,may I know when u're coming to.Singapore again?I'd like to take ur class. Thanks

  3. hi pink cake, will be running a series of workshops in Singapore this coming June, kindly check with Artistiq Sugarcraft Singapore. hope to see you there !

  4. Hi Kevin, our names are Susana ( & Claudia ( This is so amazing!! You have a great talent! Congratulations! Will you come to Barcelona? Pls, let us know. Thanks!!

    1. Hi susana & Claudia, i just came back from the Netherlands and London. no one from Barcelone has invites me yet, mayb u want to work something out ? you can email me if you are interested. best regards, kelv

  5. Hi Kelvin, thanks so much for you reply. I will email you right now ok? Regards! Claudia